Thursday, October 20, 2016

On Marriage

Funny how life can change and progress in such a short time. Since I've last posted here a lot has happened.

And by a lot I mean:

I got married.

Yeah. So that's a thing. Since then, life has been a lot different than before, and also a lot different than I expected marriage to be.

For example, we've never fought. Granted, we've only been married for all of two months by this point, and dating for another eight months, but we've never had one argument. About anything. And it's not even hard to do. So I guess I don't understand why every other relationship I've witnessed involves couples fighting with one another. Maybe we'll get there, though, but hopefully not.

Probably the biggest change is the sudden step upward of responsibility I've experienced. Suddenly I'm in charge of keeping an apartment clean. And doing dishes. And paying bills. And cooking dinner. And grocery shopping. And packing Del's breakfast and lunch for the day.

Del works 10 hours a day most days, but his work site is far enough away that he's gone for 13 hours a day. Subtracting the 8 hours of sleep we aim to get every night, that leaves 3 hours a day we actually spend together. Which may be another reason that we never fight - we don't have the time to do so!

But in those three hours of time we spend together, I'm definitely far happier than I was before all of this. It's good to have someone who knows me better than anyone ever has before and supports me in every goal and dream and stupid whim that seems to make no sense to anyone else.

I've also learned quite a bit from it. Such that I'm not actually that good of a cook. Luckily Del is gracious about it and eats whatever I serve him without complaint. Also, dishes are a million times more annoying to do when they have to be done every day, and sometimes two or three times a day. And missing a day or two causes you to lose all your counter space because there isn't that much to begin with in a small little starter apartment.

But life is still fun. It's an adventure, meant to be difficult and give you trials to learn from. The only real difference is that now I've found a companion that I'll get to live this adventure with. And it's an incredible thing.